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We love our clients! Over the years, here’s some of the organizations we’ve partnered with through BRKTHRU Group and The IdeaHouse:

Our clients' stories

Melissa Goodwin

Founder & CEO

As the Founder and CEO of BRKTHRU Group, I truly believe facilitation is the future. Having worked with thousands of leaders over the last two decades, nothing brings more joy than watching someone experience the “click” inside of themselves. When you have visibility on how to become more, go farther, and achieve your potential – the world changes inside of you and out. I am here to serve that cause and have spent my life building the skill of facilitating “BRKTHRU’s” – to now impart to you through this content and team.

Trent Proper Potter

Head of Learning & Development

I love coaching people to discover, unlock, and hone their skills to achieve their highest aspirations. Over the past 15 years I’ve led large teams of people across North America and Europe while also facilitating experiences for different organizations across multiple industries. My work has enabled me to develop global partnerships with individuals, teams, and leaders. These perspectives and values positively influence how lead each unique learning environment.


My passion for helping others brought me to earn my MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Management concentrating in organizational behavior and supply chain management.

Nicki Gorini

Executive Coach

As a life coach, I specialize in personal development, performance and leadership coaching. I was on the leadership team at the prestigious Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program in San Diego, CA where I taught coaches in training. I’ve also had the unique opportunity to provide professional coaching and training to human resources professionals at the United Nations Family Population Fund (UNFPA). I hold the credential of a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation and am certified in DiSC (behavioral styles), Emotional Intelligence, and trained in Gallup’s Strength based leadership programs. I believe human beings want to shine their hearts and their unique talents and strengths and that we are all sharing the human experience as a collective whole to expand and inspire one another.

Amy Cotter

Executive Coach

As an experienced Executive Coach, I partner with organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals interested in forward movement toward personal and professional success. Through customized programs and one on one coaching I assist in the process of broadening perspectives, increasing efficiencies, and supporting successful strategies to accomplish desired results. Over the years, I have specialized in leadership development for individuals and teams, vision execution, enhancing communication, identifying system and procedural improvements, creating accountability structures to achieve goal attainment, true color training and facilitation and crucial conversation training and facilitation.

Alaina Reade

Master BRKTHRU Facilitator

I’m a lifelong learner who’s energized by communication and connection. For ten years I’ve led training teams, creating dyanmic and engaging learning experiences across Fortune 100 companies. In global industries spanning from tech to consumer goods to brand marketing, my passion is to make people feel confident in their work and purposeful in their growth.

James Martucci

Strategy and Business Development

I am a creator and a motivator. I believe in finding a better way. Some would say I was born with an infectious, eternal optimism and a drive to get things done. My experience and leadership has been focused on developing culture, teams and individuals. I have a passion for strategy, finding creative solutions, providing outstanding client experiences and driving profitable revenue growth. I take pride in my ability to learn, adapt, find resources and bring people together to do amazing things.

Ali Biello

Executive Assistant

Is there anything better than marking completed tasks or a to-do item off a checklist? Not to me! In addition to nerding out over stylish organizational office supplies; I love reading, shopping, and my pit-bull, Bee. My superpowers are multitasking, never forgetting directions, and staying in tune with the needs of those I support.