The BRKTHRU Leader workshops are a simple solution for leaders at all levels to transform themselves and their teams.

BRKTHRU COaching Packages

We have mobilized leaders globally for the last two decades through our coaching and leadership development programs. We are passionate about our process, and believe in rewiring the way people develop, learn, grow and change.

Our coaching packages inspire our clients to a new standard in how they approach leadership, work, and life. Throughout the experience we explore specific business challenges, and both personal and professional opportunities while always applying and achieving goals. We offer three coaching packages with room to customize for your specific needs.

360 Feedback Assessment and Debrief

The assessment debrief session is for people at any level who will benefit from a confidential and deeper discussion about the feedback they receive from those who work with and around them. This package includes both the administration of a 360 assessment (or multi-rater) and two debrief sessions. The coach and leader work through the full scope of the assessment results and focus on how to understand and respond to the feedback. The debrief discussion includes an action plan. (3 hours over 2 meetings).

BRKTHRU Foundation Coaching Package

This package includes 6 sessions over the course of 8 weeks and is for people at all levels who desire to work through leadership growth and an action planning process. Clients are guided 1-on-1 through an experience that includes an assessment, debrief, goal setting, application and action planning, and strategic alignment to his or her manager and the organization. The hiring team or stakeholders of the client will participant in the assessment process and meet with the client and coach to offer input on the action planning process. Clients will benefit from this coaching package by expanding his or her awareness through feedback, discovering immediate ways to apply new action to insight, and by having focused attention on what’s most important in the scope success for his or her role.

BRKTHRU Full Coaching Package

This package includes 12 sessions over the course of 6-7 months and is for people ready to fully commit to focused, insightful, action-packed transformation. Clients are guided 1-on-1 through an experience that includes an assessment, debrief, goal setting, application and action planning, and continued strategic alignment to the professional goals created in our action playbook and in the greater organization. This package includes all of what’s stated in the Base Package plus a longer term emphasis on individualized development and action planning. The coach will connect with the assigned stakeholders throughout the experience to successfully align expectations and outcomes.

BRKTHRU a la Carte

We have a full team of master facilitators and coaches who are ready to help you design that offsite, facilitate culture change, or consult with you to build out your next learning solution. Contact us with your questions and let’s have a conversation.

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