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BRKTHRU Wellbeing

For Women

The only life-by-design program you’ll ever need for creating and achieving that big beautiful dream you’ve always wanted.

If you want:

…you’re in the right place!

Facilitate the life you want

For over two decades, we’ve been helping teams and individuals achieve their dreams, reach their full potential, and live wildly happy lives. We know the pain of wanting to be somewhere you’re not.

If you are:

Let us give you the confidence AND the roadmap to tap into your natural-born treasure to effortlessly reach your goals and feel better than you ever have before. To achieve your big, ambitious life, you don’t need more hustle. You need BRKTHRU Wellbeing.


Evaluate Your Wellbeing Potential

Examine the six core areas of your life in depth to identify what might be stopping you – or showing you – how to live up to your full potential. We will employ industry-proven research to assess your wellbeing and create a roadmap for your future.


Watch a Daily Transformational Video

Each day of the program is carefully crafted to offer bite-sized breakthroughs to you through an engaging and positive experience. You will receive a video, a worksheet, and an assignment to take action on every day. 


Learn the WILD Framework

We all have different dreams at different times, and this program holds nothing back in helping you get whatever your holistic heart wants.  We surface your natural-born gifts to create deeper fulfillment in your life each week.


Design Your WildDay

Just like a deliciously curated meal, designing your WildDay will include your newfound know-how to bring out the best ingredients in yourself to design the new habits, routines, and results that your new Wild Wellbeing requires.

Wellbeing is the art of accessing your deepest desires and allowing them to manifest in every facet of your life. Through the BRKTHRU Wellbeing program, you dive deep into the essential core six areas that thousands of women like you want more ownership in:


But above all else...

BRKTHRU Wellbeing will have you step off of the treadmill of your to-do lists and negative self-talk to answer the call to your bigger and better life. You will discover your innate lever that will create bigger dreams than you could have ever imagined yourself. It’s time to dig for your treasure. It’s time to say YES to the life you know you’re destined for.

Your 6 Weeks At-a-Glance

The six week experience is structured category by category around the six areas of our wellbeing. Thought and research have been put into the specific areas we explore and their interconnectedness. For many, the most profound breakthroughs occur in areas of our lives we aren’t paying attention to. We go deep into each area through the signature WILD framework and use what we find to create the biggest transformations in all areas of your wellbeing. The program flows as follows:

What You'll Get


Upon successful payment, you will receive an email with a login to use on the private member site. This is where all the content is hosted. Then we will send emails occasionally to communicate with you about the course. 

The best part of this program is that it’s built around YOU. Every day there is a 5-10 minute video to watch accompanied by a worksheet where you can take notes and participate in deepening your Wild Wellbeing through an activity for the day. If you don’t have availability for the day – no problem! Some participants like to spend an hour a week going through all the weekly activities or spend time on the weekend watching videos.

You need a total of 2 to 3 hours per week total but we suggest you spend about 30 min a day. However, you can split this up any way you like that works with your schedule. 

No, you do not have to attend live! All the video lessons are already recorded and on the member site to access as soon as you sign up. 

The price is normally $497 but this is a special limited-time offer to purchase it for $349. We do offer a payment plan of 3 payments of $127 each with the discount. Because this is a special one-time offer there are no refunds.

You get access during the 6 weeks as well as after for the life of the course. This means you can go through the materials as many times as you like. 

Contact us for all other questions at booking@brkthrugroup.com


Hi, I'm Melissa

I’m the founder and CEO of two start-ups, a mom and wife, and a professional at figuring out how to live a life I love on my terms. Trudging through my fair share of tears and fears and work-life balance woes over the years, I’ve come to realize how to design a wildly fulfilling life -and I call it: Wild Wellbeing. 

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BRKTHRU Wellbeing will transform your health, your career, your love life, your finances, your home, your soul purpose, and most importantly: the way you do it all – and have it all – forever. Now is the time – we are officially open for enrollment.

Have a group to train?

BRKTHRU Wellbeing for Teams is a half-day workshop, delivered virtually or on-site. You and your team will learn a step-by-step strategy for recognizing ways to leverage a successful and satisfying life from work to home – and beyond