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The world needs you to embody that amazing career and life you’ve always wanted. And to get there, you don’t need more hustle, you need more wellbeing.

A good leader knows you are only as strong in your professional life as you are in your personal life.

Work-Life balance is a struggle for millions of people. While 66% of us know how to be successful in one area of life, only a staggering 7% know how to create success in every life domain.

Studies show that the key to engagement and success in the workplace can be found through a focus on wellbeing (Gallup, 2014). Years of research across 150 countries and 98% of the world’s population has shown that those who have a high sense of wellbeing:

In this experience, you will learn a step-by-step strategy for becoming aware of how you rate in every domain along with a formula for recognizing ways to leverage a successful and satisfying life from work to home.  With leading global research and experience of thousands of people who’ve been coached through Thrive, this session includes an opportunity to learn from the wisdom of some of the most successful and fulfilling concepts in personal development in one place. You will assess yourself in detail, identify variables holding you back, and know how to implement our “lever formula” to create a consciously-balanced – and extraordinary – life on your own terms.


Half-Day (3 hours).

Virtually via our Zoom platform or in-person on-site.

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